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Send me a picture of your monitor with my web site displayed; I'll be glad to publish it in this page.
The monitor should be only a small part of the picture, it's important to see its location in the room and a page of this site.

Maria e Stefano
Stefano e Maria, Rm

Manu and Olly
Manu and Olly, Ps

due chiacchiere di Camu
Due chiacchiere di Camu

external link
Gino e Santina, Fg - www.ginorizzi.it

collegamento esterno
Lauryn, Mi - www.lauryn.it

external link
Ciccio - www.cicciofarmaco.tk

external link
Stella, Milano - www.simplystella.com

external link
Ade, Fg - ade

Sandro (+ the cat), Fg

external link
Gabriella, Florianópolis (Brazil) - www.dg21.com.br

external link
Sharon Sala, Bovisio Masciago (MI) - www.arte-s.it

external link
Fedes - www.fedegrafia.com

external link
Davide Leo, Roma - www.davideleo.it

Raffaella, Foggia


Valentina (one of my seats), Fg

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